Deal Section

Work on deals

Maximize deal management efficiency within your CRM platform. Streamline workflows, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly across teams to accelerate deal closure. With intuitive deal management tools, stay organized, and focused on advancing each opportunity through the sales pipeline efficiently.

Set and close follow up and reminder

Stay on top of your deals with built-in follow-up and reminder features. Set reminders for key milestones, meetings, or follow-up actions to ensure timely engagement and progress tracking. Close deals faster by staying proactive and responsive throughout the sales cycle, maximizing opportunities for successful outcomes.

Update Payments

It allows users to record and manage payments associated with deals or transactions within the CRM system. Users can input details such as payment amount, date, method of payment, and any relevant notes or references. This feature enables users to maintain an accurate record of transactions, track payment statuses, and monitor outstanding balances. By keeping payment information centralized within CRM , businesses can streamline their accounting processes, ensure timely invoicing and payment tracking, and gain insights into revenue streams and cash flow.

Shift Party in Support

Seamlessly manage shifts in support responsibilities within your CRM platform. Transfer support cases or tickets between parties with ease, ensuring continuity and efficient resolution. Enhance collaboration among support teams, streamline communication, and provide uninterrupted assistance to customers for enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

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