Master Setting

General Setting

Company Profile

Update your complete company's profile, which will be used to for any type of communcation between CRM@Weblink Or between you and your customers. It enables you to present your brand identity effectively to clients and stakeholders.

Admin Profile

Company can also update the details of their Administration enabling other to know about their admin contact details and assign the work each department accordingly.

Financial Setting

Our CRM software provides robust financial settings to streamline financial processes such as accounting, invoicing, currency preferences, Bank details etc.

Employees Setting


With our CRM software, you can easily manage employee designations, ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities within your organization. Define hierarchies, assign titles, and streamline communication channels effortlessly.

Add Employee

Simplify your onboarding process with our CRM's intuitive employee addition feature. From entering basic details to assigning access levels, adding a new member to your team has never been easier. Save time and ensure accuracy with seamless integration.

Employees Permission

Grant precise permissions tailored to individual roles with our CRM software. Control access to sensitive data and functionalities, maintaining security and confidentiality. Customize permissions effortlessly to align with your organization's hierarchy and policies.

Attendance Setup

Keep track of your team's attendance seamlessly with our CRM's robust setup for managing work hours and attendance. From clock-in/out features to comprehensive reporting, monitor attendance patterns and optimize workforce management efficiently. Stay informed and in control with real-time updates.

Control (Manage Section)

Leads Sources

Managing lead sources entails identifying and categorizing the channels through which leads are acquired, including websites, social media, referrals, etc. Additionally, offline lead sources can be added to the system, allowing for manual data entry in both single and bulk uploads.

Deal Stages

Streamline your sales pipeline by defining clear deal stages within our CRM. From prospecting to closing, visualize and manage each stage of the sales process effortlessly. Customize stages to align with your unique business requirements and enhance sales performance.

Support Stages

Provide exceptional customer support by managing support stages within our CRM. Organize and prioritize customer inquiries, incidents, and tickets efficiently. Define stages to streamline resolution processes and ensure timely responses, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Call Purpose List

Enhance call management and tracking with our CRM's customizable call purpose list feature. Categorize calls based on their purpose, whether it's sales inquiries, support requests, or follow-ups. Gain valuable insights into call activities and optimize communication strategies for better outcomes.

Customer's Department

Gain deeper insights into your customers by categorizing them based on their departments within our CRM. Understand their organizational structure and tailor your interactions accordingly. Streamline communication and collaboration by routing inquiries to the appropriate departments seamlessly.


Segment your customer base by industry using our CRM software. Understand industry-specific needs and pain points to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences. Analyze industry trends and insights to refine your strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Customer Fields

Feature allows you to customize and organize data fields within our CRM system to best suit your business needs. With this feature, you can capture and manage custom fields specific to your customers, tailoring data collection to align with your unique business requirements. You have the flexibility to add extra fields as needed to capture all relevant information for effective customer management. This ensures that you can track and utilize the precise details essential for nurturing customer relationships and driving business growth

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