List Email

Effortlessly manage and organize emails within your CRM platform. Access and categorize emails seamlessly, ensuring clear communication and efficient follow-up with clients and colleagues.


Store and access files securely within your CRM system. Easily upload, organize, and share documents, images, and other files, facilitating collaboration and enhancing productivity.

Delivery Note

Generate and manage delivery notes within your CRM software. Track shipments, document deliveries, and ensure accurate order fulfillment for enhanced customer service.

Complaint Case

Handle customer complaints efficiently with our CRM's complaint case management feature. Log, track, and resolve complaints promptly to maintain customer trust and loyalty.


Document and share solutions to common customer issues within your CRM platform. Provide quick access to troubleshooting guides and resources for improved customer support.

Lead/Deal Report

Gain valuable insights into your sales pipeline with lead and deal reports. Analyze performance metrics, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies.

Attendance Report

Monitor employee attendance and productivity with our CRM's attendance report feature. Track work hours, absences, and performance trends for better workforce management.

Call Log Report

Track and analyze call activities with our CRM's call log report feature. Gain insights into communication patterns, monitor call quality, and optimize customer interactions.

Instruction List

Create and share instructional materials and guides within your CRM platform. Ensure consistency and efficiency in processes with easy access to step-by-step instructions.

Recent Activity

Stay updated on recent activities and events within your CRM system. Monitor changes, updates, and interactions in real-time for enhanced visibility and collaboration.

User Guide

Access comprehensive user guides and documentation within your CRM software. Empower users with resources and tutorials to maximize the benefits of the CRM platform.

Suggestions/ Feedback/Errors

Customers can share their queries with Weblink at any time through their CRM software. Our Support team promptly addresses these queries, providing timely replies with tailored solutions for each suggestion or issue.

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