Lead Section

Add single lead and Integration

Seamlessly add individual leads to your CRM database while integrating with other platforms for enhanced data synchronization. Capture lead details effortlessly, ensuring all interactions are logged and tracked for streamlined lead management and improved conversion rates.

Work on leads and convert them into deals

Efficiently nurture leads within your CRM, moving them through the sales pipeline until they are ready to convert into deals. Track interactions, analyze engagement, and prioritize leads for optimal conversion rates. Streamline the process of converting leads into deals for accelerated sales cycles and increased revenue.

Set and close follow up and reminder

Stay organized and never miss a follow-up with our CRM's reminder feature. Set reminders for follow-up actions, appointments, or important tasks, ensuring timely engagement and personalized interactions with leads. Close deals faster by staying proactive and responsive throughout the sales process.

Sending WhatsApp and mail

The "Sending WhatsApp and mail" feature in this CRM enables users to conveniently initiate direct communication with contacts via WhatsApp and email without leaving the CRM interface. This functionality enhances the ease of connecting with clients virtually, improving overall client interaction and relationship management within the platform.

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